Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone Review: 3 Things to Know Before You Buy

Drones are the future of, well, everything. Whether it’s photography, video streaming, or just relaxing while you watch your drone through the skies, this new technology is going to very quickly become a much bigger part of daily life. So now is as good a time as any to hop on the bandwagon. Of course, if you’ve already started looking for your first drone – or a new drone – then you might have come across the Fimi X8 SE.

It’s important to do your research, and that’s what we’re here for. By the time you finish our review of the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE, you’ll know everything you need to know about this drone and its competitors, and you’ll be ready to decide if this is the right product for you.

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What’s So Good about the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE Drone?

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Before you even think about buying any product, you obviously have to find out what said product – and its manufacturer – is known for. Well, Fimi is known for producing drones all across the spectrum, from the cheapest and most accessible products for beginners all the way to the most heavy-duty industrial-grade drones for the die-hard experts.

The X8 SE drone falls somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. While it’s definitely geared towards beginners, this Xiaomi Fimi drone packs a bit of a punch that might appeal to intermediate drone pilots looking for a cheaper option. Without confusing you by delving into excessive details, we’re going to tell you about the 3 big selling points of the Fimi X8 SE that you have to know about if you’re thinking of buying this drone.

Important Feature #1: 4K Camera

The best part about drones is getting incredible and breath-taking pictures that were impossible before the invention of what is essentially a flying remote-controlled camera. Since that’s the case, why settle for any drone that doesn’t have the absolute best camera out there? Luckily, the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE drone does have the best camera out there.

Thanks to the excellent 4K camera attached to our Fimi drone, you’ll get unreal photos and videos that will blow the minds of all your friends and family. As a nice bonus, the Fimi X8 SE also has a solid range of control of 5 kilometers, so you’ll be able to really explore the area and find amazing landscapes you didn’t even know existed. Bring your photo album to the next level with the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE.

Important Feature #2: Extra-Strength Battery

It’s probably not too surprising that a lot of the competing drones out there are a little lacking in the battery department. The technology is still pretty new, and keeping something in the air for a long time is full of challenges. Even some of the better drones on the market have a battery life of just 5-10 minutes.

But Fimi really separated themselves from the pack with the X8 SE, which has an incredible battery that lasts for about 30 minutes. You’ll be able to get your fill of drone piloting in just one sitting with this product, and you’ll be able to search far and wide for the best views and photos without worrying too much about your drone running out of battery in the middle of the journey.

Important Feature #3: Intuitive Controls

The Fimi X8 SE has been praised for having one of the most intuitive control schemes out there. This is obviously very appealing for beginners, and it might be just as appealing to more intermediate pilots. Who wants things to be harder for no reason?

The controller of our Fimi drone has clearly labeled buttons for take-off, landing, and taking photos and videos. There’s even a dial that lets you control the axis, so expert pilots can take the training wheels off and get the best shots imaginable. Plus, the controller comes with a dock for your smartphone which will give you access to all of the amazing features standard in most drones such as FPV and certain flight-control features.

The Fimi X8 SE is the perfect drone for anyone who doesn’t want to waste time learning a clunky control scheme. Jump right into the fun with this intuitive and easy-to-fly drone.

The Pros and Cons

While you might think so after reading our previous section, the Fimi X8 SE isn’t perfect. We want you to see the full picture and have all of the information at your disposal before you make your decision, so we’ve added this pros and cons section to neatly break everything down. Here is a quick summary of our entry-level Fimi drone.


  • High-quality camera
  • Incredible battery life
  • Easy-to-use controller


  • No crash avoidance feature
  • Over the license-free weight limit

What Do the Reviews Say?

We’re not so arrogant that we think that our word is law, and that’s why we want to include the thoughts of the other quality reviewers out there who covered this Fimi drone. Luckily, there seems to be a common consensus out there about the pros and cons of this drone.

Staaker praised this drone for its intuitive control scheme and its abundance of safety features, though they did point out that the X8 SE is missing a collision avoidance feature. However, they also gave the caveat that this shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you keep your drone within eyesight.

The Drones Gator website pointed out the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE’s battery life and its very solid price, though they were a little upset it doesn’t stay under the weight license-free weight limit. They also praised our drone for its stable 3-axis gimbal and its great flight range.

Of course, the opinion that matters the most is that of the paying customers. Reviewers on Amazon pointed out the fantastic value of the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE and mentioned that it’s a fantastic beginner option. The customers and the paid reviewers have made it pretty clear that this Fimi drone is a product worth considering.

How Does It Compare?

Nothing exists in a vacuum, and even if you’ve pretty much formed your opinion on the Fimi x8 SE Drone, it’s important to look at the other top products on the market. In this upcoming section, we’re going to quickly compare Fimi x8 SE Drone to some of the other popular drones on the market so that you can see what else is out there before making your purchase.

Fimi X8 SE Drone vs DJI Spark

DJI is just about the biggest drone manufacturer out there, so it wouldn’t really be a fair gauge of the competition if we left them off this section of our review. Both the X8 SE and the Spark are smaller drones. As far as portability goes, there’s no meaningful difference, but the Spark is 4 centimeters shorter. However, the Sparks arms don’t fold in, which could make it a little more awkward to travel with even if its frame is smaller. As for weight, the Fimi X8 SE weighs about 750 grams while the DJI Spark weighs only 450, so DJI is the clear winner there.

The horizontal and vertical speed of the X8 is superior to our DJI drone, and it has a better transmission speed, so you don’t need to worry about any lag on your inputs or video stream. The camera of the X8 is also superior to that of its DJI adversary, which shouldn’t be too surprising considering that’s one of the big selling points of this drone.

The big check in the win column is that the DJI has a much higher maximum altitude at 4 kilometers compared to the 500 meters of the Fimi drone. And of course, the DJI product is cheaper.

If you want the cheaper product and you want to soar as high as possible, then you need to go with the DJI Spark. But if you want the best camera, the smoothest experience, and the best battery, then you’ll have to give your hard-earned cash to Xiaomi.

Fimi X8 SE vs Hubsan Zino 2

Both of these drones feature a dazzling 4K camera, so our second matchup starts on more even footing. They both have a 3-axis gimbal that offers amazing flight stability, so you won’t have any shaky videos or blurry pictures.

The Zino 2 has accomplished the noted feat of being one of the only drones to have the same 30+ minute battery life as the X8. I could keep going, but you’ve basically got the picture at this point.

These two drones are neck-and-neck in every performance metric, but Fimi pulls away in the big tiebreaker – price. Considering these two drones are close to identical, price is really the only factor that should influence your decision. Since the Fimi is cheaper, that’s where your money should go.

Do You Need a License for the Xiaomi Fimi X8 SE

Unfortunately, yes. In the United States, you need a permit to fly any drone heavier than 250 grams. With its weight of 750 grams, our Fimi drone is very much looking at that weight limit in the rearview mirror.

The bright side is that it’s really not that hard to get a permit. All you need to do is fill out some simple forms and pass an easy exam. Once you have the permit, it’s valid for two years, so it’s definitely worth the hassle to be able to fly bigger drones unbothered for two full years. Of course, if you don’t like to deal with bureaucracy, there are plenty of drones out there that stay under the mandated weight limit.

Verdict: Is the Fimi X8 SE Worth It?

All of the pros, cons, and context we’ve laid out for you really boil down to one question: Is this drone worth it? The answer there is a simple and resounding yes.

With its incredible battery life, great range, compact build, and fantastic camera, this Xiaomi product boasts plenty of great features that separate it from the pack, and it even has a reasonable price. Its simple controller makes it great for beginners, while your ability to control the gimbal makes it fantastic for more experienced pilots that want to show off and pull off some tricks.

Of course, there are plenty of other solid options out there. Most notably, if you want something a little cheaper that still offers a fantastic experience, the DJI Spark is a great option, and you can fly it all the way up into the stratosphere.

I would say that the biggest reason to refrain from purchasing this drone is if you really don’t want to get something that requires a permit. If that’s important to you, then there are plenty of micro-drones out there that will help you avoid the bureaucracy. A nice side-benefit of these tiny drones is that they’re incredibly cheap. There are also earlier iterations of this Fimi product that are a little weaker but also cheaper.

We’ve laid out all of the crucial information about the Fimi X8 SE drone and its competitors, and now the final choice is up to you.

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